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Mynd Flat Explainer Video 
Modern animation
for that "wow" response.

Want to convey a fresh and modern message? Attract your audience
with our dynamic Flat video style.

  Here is our Flat video style
Startups, medium-sized businesses, and global corporations: 
We have already helped more than 4,500 companies to communicate successfully with Explainer Videos. 
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What is
the Flat style?

The Flat is an exclusive Mynd video style reminiscent of a typical Flat design. Our colorful and dynamically-animated Flat Explainer Video displays complex topics, products, or services in a lively and captivating way. Sounds like exactly what you're looking for? Talk to us »

Our Flat Explainer Video is most effective in these applications.

Our flat video style tells your story in a unique and customizable way.


Thanks to video, your customers become fully educated about your product, and thus, your sales increase.

Online Marketing

The integration of an Explainer Video on your website increases conversions and your SEO performance.

Social Media

With videos on social media platforms, you create better engagement opportunities for your followers.

Internal Communication

With a Flat video, you are given the option to efficiently and effectively train your employees on internal processes.


Provide value with engaging and motivating Explainer Videos for further education.


Utilize a Flat Explainer Video to enhance your client engagement at trade shows, events, and workshops.

Mynd Flat Explainer Videos are suitable for multiple additional applications.
Seek advice on how and where to display your whiteboard video now »

Our Flat Explainer Video adapts to your color preferences.

animation flat explainer video coozzy
Coozzy | Digital Native
animation flat explainer video trim suite
TRIM SUITE | Blueberry
animation flat explainer video selit
SELIT | Clean Moon
animation flat explainer video trio market relations
Trio Group Market Relations | Individual

We adapt the color spectrum to your corporate identity. Check out some examples »

So, how does it work?

From concept to final product, we provide a collaboration you’ll love.



Share your vision, what you want to articulate, and who you want to reach with your video. Our experts will offer advice regarding concept and implementation, free of charge and so inspiring.



Sit back, while we get the job done. We develop a clever video concept with compelling storytelling that informs, entertains, and exudes the charm of our unique flat video design.


Flat Explainer Video.

Custom illustration and vivid animation are set to music and perfected with intelligent sound design and background music. Your flat video is modern, unique, and compelling.

Ready? Here's the first step.


A Mynd Flat Explainer Video costs
an average of $3,990.

Our price includes everything from concept, script, and animation to voiceover and music, with unlimited feedback within each phase of production. That means 100% planning security.

When comparing video providers, you’ll notice that Explainer Video prices vary widely. At Mynd, we only create the highest quality videos that properly represent our brand. Every video we create achieves real goals through its flawless concept and design, providing you with less work and a better final product. Take your time, compare vendors, and opt for the collaboration that feels right.

Production time.

Our production time, from initial consultation to finished video, averages between three-to-four weeks. We also offer  expedited services for urgent requests.

Production times may vary, for example due to the speed of customer responses.

At the start of each collaboration, we create a detailed schedule of steps with a  fixed deadline that you can count on.

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Ready to give Mynd a try?

With Mynd Discovery we provide a consultation and begin creating a personalized video concept without requiring you to even place an order.
Risk-free and so eye-opening.

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Happy people!

Customers love Mynd.
99% of our clients recommend our services.

Excelent Batch Proven Expert

“From the beginning, we could tell Mynd has a real commitment to great communication. And they immediately recognized and understood what we wanted so we could get our project going promptly. I’d gladly use Mynd again!”

Christopher S.
thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions

“It's a great job. It fitted from A to Z. The concept developed by Mynd and the suggested style were beautifully implemented. We are extremely satisfied, thank you very much.”

Florian W.

The wonderfully attentive, cordial and professional support and implementation by Mynd has made our explanatory film production an exciting, instructive and enjoyable project. The very punctual and professional project management should also be emphasized.

Ruth A.
German Academic Exchange Service

“We were very satisfied with the support and implementation. Above all, we liked the flexibility and the short-term implementation of changes. Anytime again!”

Petra K.

Mynd understood our concern and its peculiarities right away. Both the creative and consulting services provided by Mynd were a source of pleasure and testified to our great competence and understanding of our clients. Thank you very much!

SIX Group

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Who creates your
flat explainer video?

Mynd is one of the leading video companies.




Videos produced


Locations worldwide

All at a glance.

The Mynd flat explainer video summarized.


Inspired by the classic Flat design, we have perfect this Explainer Video style. Our colorful and dynamically-animated Flat Explainer Videos convey both simple and complex themes with vivid color, eliciting an emotional response.


Our exclusive Mynd Flat video style offers a fresh, modern look. It combines innovative design, dynamic animation, smart graphics, and lively characters in a colorful world that can be individually adapted to your corporate identity. This Flat video style is available exclusively at Mynd.

Areas of application.

Flat Explainer Videos are effective in B2B and B2C, internal and external communication applications, and especially effective in marketing (such as landing or social media pages), sales, or internal communication.


Depending on the length and scope of the project, a Mynd Flat Explainer Video starts at $3,990 for a one-minute video. All prices include every phase of the production process, including unlimited revisions.

Production time.

Our production time for a Mynd Flat video, from initial consultation to finished video, averages between three-to-four weeks. We also offer expedited services for urgent requests. At the start of each collaboration, we create a detailed schedule of steps with a fixed deadline that you can count on.


Mynd Flat Explainer Videos are unique. Our quality shows in our storytelling and design. We believe that our exceptional quality is necessary in achieving the goal of acquiring new customers. An innovative approach is available with Mynd Discovery.