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We love carefree. That's why all listed prices always include:
▸ 1min Running time  ▸ Idea & concept   Illustration  ▸ Animation  ▸ Professional narration  
 Music & sound design  ▸  Unlimited feedback loops in every production phase

1min* | 15 day production | script & video

The classic, redefined. High-quality animation, likeable characters, and color accents that match your corporate identity. The Whiteboard is the classic among explainer videos - and we have perfected it in our own way. Intelligent and to the point. The Whiteboard is exclusively available at Mynd.

*Other video running time on request.

1min* | 18 day production | script & video

Modern design meets smooth animations. Dynamic movements, smart graphics, expressive characters - in a color scheme that is custom-matched to your corporate identity. The Flat elicits emotions in order to cleverly bring simple or complicated facts to the point. The Flat is exclusively available at Mynd.

*Other video running time on request.

1min* | 18 day production | script & video

A beautiful infographics style. Clean elements, custom colors, and creative animations - matched to your corporate identity. The Graphy is an innovative video style that is accompanied by an outstanding musical composition that invites you to marvel. The Graphy is exclusively available at Mynd.

*Other video running time on request.

1min* | 30 day production | script & video

Creative animations that move. If you want to make a lasting impression & prefer innovative presentation, then you will love our Move style. Video style & storytelling are customized for you & brought to life with sophisticated animation techniques.

*Other video running time on request.

Mynd One
1min* | 40 day production | script & video

Our best product. Mynd One combines brilliant storytelling with unique design. With incredible attention to detail and creative energy, the best Myndians create videos that match our vision of perfection. Convince, inspire, inspire viewers. On-site creative workshop included.

*Other video running time on request.

Mynd Discovery
script only | 5 day creative conception

Mynd Discovery begins with a video conception. You may not know exactly which video style is right for you. Uncertain about the scope of your project? Or you would prefer to conduct a trial in the form of a smaller project? No problem.

With Mynd Discovery, we start the conception phase of your video together. We examine your topic and use them to develop core messages, storylines, and style recommendations--in full collaboration with you. You can then decide on the perfect course of action for your video and then proceed accordingly.

The cost for Mynd Discovery will be deducted from the price of your video if you choose to proceed with a collaboration.


Example: The Instinct


Example: Rabbit Mobile

video thumbnail bayer compliance explainer video indy

Example: Bayer AG

thumbnail myndone fresenius fred

Example: Fresenius

thumbnail graphy explainer video g+d advance52

Example: G+D advance52

thumbnail legetrick whiteboard explainer video panamapapers

Example: Panama Papers


Example: Blockchain


Example: Chainwork


Example: IQ Network


Example: SMP

thumbnail graphy explainer video helmholtz

Example: Helmholtz


Example: Orion


Example: Credit Suisse

thumbnail flat explainer video coozzy

Example: Coozzy real estate rentals

thumbnail flat explainer video trio market relations

Example: Trip Group Market Relations

thumbnail 3d trosifol

Example: Trosifol

thumbnail graphy explainer video beyondeve

Example: Beyond Eve

thumbnail flat explainer video trim suite


thumbnail legetrick whiteboard explainer video transpisan

Example: Transpisan®

thumbnail legetrick whiteboard explainer video abus

Example: ABUS Lock Selector

thumbnail graphy explainer video novum

Example: NOVUM Engineering

explainer video individual style time matter gmbh airmates

Example: time: matters GmbH, airmates

video thumbnail rateyourdive


video thumbnail pixolution

Example: pixolution

thumbnail flat explainer video selit

Example: SELIT