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Mynd Video Styles

Choose the visual style
of your new video

Choose from among our many modern video styles.

hearth blue

Original video styles
for any situation

mynd showreel whiteboard video thumbnail
Mynd Whiteboard
mynd showreel flat video thumbnail
Mynd Flat
mynd showreel graphy video thumbnail
Mynd Graphy
crealogix video thumbnail
Mynd Line
mynd showreel iso video thumbnail
Mynd Iso
mynd showreel 3d video thumbnail
Mynd 3D

Individual video style

The individual style is adapted to each brand.

Both in colours and graphics, as well as the animated video approach.


Head of Production

In need of advice?

To achieve the expected results from your video, we will factor in not only your desired content, but also the appropriate format, target group, distribution channels etc. And we’re more than happy to help with any of this.

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