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Stories from our Mynd
How we created an explainer video
for the SPUCR


The State Land Office of the Czech Republic requested an explainer video from us that would briefly explain the soil erosion issue.

The video should not only raise awareness of how the soil integrity is endangered, but also present the functional solution of a system monitoring agricultural land conditions, thereby aiming to prevent erosion consequences.

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After initially communicating with SPUCR and receiving a lot of important information, we created a scenario and storyboard. These rough sketches became the basic sequence of the spot.

Thanks to a wide variety of documents provided by SPUCR, the concept was created smoothly, with only a few comments for changes that we immediately incorporated.

Final video

Next, we illustrated scenes in a personalised style. Some video scenes also utilised real shots of natural disasters. Then, we found a speaker who was consistent with SPUCR’s corporate identity. This voiceover helped guide our animation work, focusing on natural phenomena. The final step was adding music and sound effects. So how did it turn out?

Spucr story final 1

Client Statement

„This was our first experience creating a video for the application Monitoring Erosion of Agricultural Land. And we’re really thankful for it. We deeply appreciate the professionalism, creativity and, above all, adherence to the schedule that motivated us as the contractor. Due to the relatively specialised topic, we also appreciate how the data we sent was handled and how well-versed in the issue Mynd were. Our suggestions, which were essentially expert notes on the topic, were always quickly understood and incorporated. We were also satisfied with the video creation phases and approval of individual steps. Thanks to this, the video was produced in a very short amount of time. We are very satisfied with the final video and believe that we will collaborate again. We cannot recommend Mynd enough.”

Lenka Růžková

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Why do you need Explainer video?


An explainer video lets people clearly understand your product or service, which will then inform their purchasing decision.

Online marketing

An explainer video on your landing page will improve the SEO and increase conversions.


A creative explainer video will encourage your employees to focus and learn.

Social networks

An explainer video easily becomes a short post that raises brand awareness on social media.

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Satisfied clients first

What they’ve said about Mynd:

Our Mynd collaboration was highly professional. Their approach was adaptable and pragmatic, and I appreciate how they incorporated my own ideas that helped achieve the desired effect. They were very flexible time-wise, with a no-hassle workflow and approach to the project, always meeting each deadline. I definitely recommend them if you need to create a professional video.

Peter Polakovič


We were impressed by the flexibility and effectivity. All feedback and changes were immediately implemented and the outcome was just as expected. Very professional, but friendly staff. Can only recommend.

Veronika Hyblerová

Škoda Auto

Working with Mynd was an excellent experience from beginning to end. Project Management was great, and the creative execution perfect. Mynd was able to integrate all required changes in no time and even managed to integrate elements of our branding world in the video. The staff was friendly at all times! Highly recommended! Looking forward to future projects!

Christine K.


Working with Mynd was completely seamless. Their effort to understand the required text of the video spared us so much work finding our own solution. They are easily our first choice for our next project.

Daniel Kulíšek

Mondi Group

Our Mynd collaboration was excellent. We were incredibly pleased with the exceptionally well-handled project management and their accommodating approach and willingness to understand our needs. We highly recommend them.

Zuzana Zumríková

Vaillant Group Slovakia

I am very satisfied with our first video collaboration with Mynd. From first contact to the incredible result, everything went smoothly, and we always eagerly anticipated their surprises. We’ll definitely work with them again!

Tomáš Kurtha


The collaboration with Mynd went very positively. Our expectations were high... and I must say, they’ve been completely fulfilled. While we weren’t in a hurry with the video production, communication was incredibly prompt and kind. And the videos they made for us... they’re absolutely top-notch!

Radovan Pavlík

RADO Real Estate Group

Professional cooperation, a creative approach and an effective use of modern technologies. Very satisfied.

Zuzana Zlámalová


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