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Effectively and Sell More

We produce potent explainer videos that turn lengthy and boring text into effective and productive marketing that your audience will fall in love with.

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Unlock Your Sales with

Story-Driven Explainer Videos

Looking for simple 2D flat animation or high-end 3D CGI?
Our designers can tailor the perfect style to fit any budget and corporate identity.

Are you looking for something specific?

View our portfolio and unique video styles.

Watch our production process
explained in 70 seconds

A standard explainer video production takes 6 to 8 weeks. For an insider look at the techniques and secrets behind crafting your high-performing marketing video, watch the short animation below.

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1. Consultation

We’ll discuss your goals and the desired outcomes. First, we’ll listen carefully to what you need; then we’ll ask for some more detail so that the resulting video exceeds your expectations.

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2. Creative concept

We’ll process all the information to create an innovative video script. Depending on the project’s needs, we’ll also create a storyboard and animatics. Then, we’ll develop a sample showcasing the animation's look and feel, ensuring you know precisely what to expect from your finished video.

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3. Finalisation

Finally, we’ll translate the concept - along with your comments - into the video itself. The sketches will be illustrated, and we’ll bring them to life with dynamic animation, music, sound effects and a professional voiceover of your choice.

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All you need to know about:

Explainer Video

An explainer video, or explanatory film, refers to animated videos that illustrate a complex topic in a short time, making it visually clear. This creates a deep understanding of the subject among viewers, which can then motivate them to take a specific action.

Explainer videos are popular in both B2B and B2C contexts, as well as in internal (educational and external (marketing) communication.

Mostly used as part of an e-learning programme, embedded on a website, or on social media. Explainer video is a versatile marketing video tool that people love to watch instead of reading long and boring presentations or text-based marketing.

Whiteboard (also known Cut-out animation) is a classic style of animated explainer video. Originally crafted by drawing directly on a whiteboard in view of a camera, this method has evolved into a fully digital process. Mostly made of black and white Mynd-crafted illustrations with optional colour accents animated in a simple cut-out-like way. This style is perfect for long and complex topics. Read more >>

Flat is a colourful and dynamically animated 2D explainer video style developed here at Mynd. It is ideally suited for presenting products or services in an engaging and entertaining way. Read more >>

Inspired by classic infographics, Graphy is an animated video style we developed at Mynd in order to serve our clients who wanted a minimalistic look and unconventional animation style.
Graphy works with a literal storyline, which expands throughout the video and unpacks the message. Read more >>

Line is a line art video style that creates a particularly clear visual world with abstract shapes and cubism-esque approach, rendering objects from three sides and merging them together. It is a perfect solution if you like character animation in a sophisticated B2B-oriented visual. Read more >>

Iso is an isometric video style that, thanks to its unique 3D-like playground design, renders even complex topics easily understandable. Read more >>

If you are looking for a dynamically animated typography, look no further. Type is all you need. It is especially suitable for social media and external communication. Read more >>

Custom Video Style:
No matter your preference – be it 2D, 3D, abstract shapes, or intricate character animations – your next explainer video can take any form imaginable. We're here to bring your vision to life. Reach out to discuss your upcoming project, and let's start crafting your vision into reality!
Read more about custom 2D Animation >>
Read more about custom 3D Animation >>

We are committed to providing our clients with effective, customised solutions that meet their unique needs. Just as your business stands out, so should your video marketing strategy. The most effective way to obtain a realistic price estimate is to talk with one of our video marketing professionals. By discussing your marketing objectives, we can craft a personalised, obligation-free video marketing strategy for you, complete with detailed cost breakdowns, ensuring a transparent and collaborative process.

Generally, our prices start at £3K
and vary depending on video style, complexity and production time.

Want to test our creativity and skills first? No problem! With our "Mynd Discovery" for £990, you'll receive a creative storyboard and custom illustration style first so you can decide whether you'd like to continue working with us.

Like costs, the production time is based on the chosen style, video duration, and complexity, but most explainer video productions take between 6 to 8 weeks.

We offer super-speed production packages if you want to move fast, or flexi production discounts if you’d rather save costs.

Unique Mynd® Design & Storytelling
Attractive design and captivating storytelling, both pleasing to the eye and emotionally engaging.

Source Files in Secure Cloud Storage
Just in case changes need to be made, we keep copies of files for at least two years as a free benefit.

A Large & Experienced Team
is a guarantee that no flu or holiday will jeopardise your project.

Unlimited Revisions
are offered in each phase of the project until you’re completely satisfied.

A Single Contact Person
will guide you from beginning to end and be available at all times.

Timely Delivery
is provided under all circumstances, in any season.

Need a quote?

Reach out via the contact form, email, or simply call us. After a short consultation, we’ll prepare a quotation tailored specifically to your needs and marketing goals.

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Explainer video is a marketing tool!


An explainer video swiftly conveys your product's benefits, speeding up the buying process and increasing sales.

Online marketing

An explainer video on your site boosts SEO and conversion rates by engaging visitors and clearly demonstrating your product's value.


An engaging explainer video captures your team's attention, making learning more effective and enjoyable.

Social networks

Shareable across social platforms, an explainer video enhances brand visibility and engagement with concise, compelling content.