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Want to deliver your message afresh to captivate your audience?
Our dynamic Flat style will make you the focus of attention.

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Your new Flat Motion video
might look like this

Want to see more previews of our Flat Motion videos?
Reach out and we’ll happily show you our complete portfolio.

Are you looking for something specific?

View our portfolio and unique video styles.

In need of advice?

To achieve the expected results from your video, we will factor in not only your desired content, but also the appropriate format, target group, distribution channels etc. And if you’re not sure what you want yet, we’d be more than happy to advise.

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Head of Production
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Our video production in three steps

Standard Flat Motion video productions take 3 to 6 weeks.

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1. Consultation

We’ll discuss your goals and the desired outcomes. First, we’ll listen carefully to what you need; then we’ll ask for some more detail so that the resulting video exceeds your expectations.

Flat concept process

2. Creative concept

We’ll process all the information to create an innovative video scenario. Depending on the project’s needs, we’ll also create a storyboard and animatics. Then, we’ll demonstrate the final visual, so that you’ll know exactly how your video will look and feel.

Flat motion final process

3. Finalisation

In the end, we’ll translate the concept - along with your comments - into the video itself. The sketches will be illustrated, and we’ll bring them to life with dynamic animation, music, sound effects and the professional voiceover of your choice.

Mynd discovery

Try out Mynd!

With Mynd Discovery

Sample our creativity without ordering a whole video. We will develop a creative concept, style or animation demonstration so you can see our methods and if our Mynds suit you.

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Everything you need to know about:

Flat Motion

Inspired by the classic “flat” aesthetic, we’ve perfected the explainer video style. Our colourful and dynamic Flat Motion explainer animations convey simple and complex themes equally well and are sure to entertain and educate your audience.

Mynd Flat Motion explainer videos are quite popular in B2B and B2C, as well as in internal and external communication. Ever more companies depend on explainer videos, especially in marketing (e.g. websites or social media), sales or internal communication.

Our Mynd Flat videos captivate audiences through modern designs, dynamic animations and elegant graphics. We’ll tailor this world of vibrant colours to your corporate identity.

Flat motion video’s price depends on its style and scope. We generate a specific offer for each client, including transparent planning of every production stage, guaranteed deadlines and unlimited feedback and subsequent adjustments.

Flat Motion video takes 3 to 6 weeks from the first briefing to the final video handover. In urgent cases, we can also create your video much faster. At the start, you will receive a detailed video production plan, including the exact delivery date.

Mynd video production prides itself on adept storytelling techniques and remarkable designs. We guarantee compliance with every deadline. We also offer you a taste of our creativity through the Mynd Discovery service. Please reach out for more information.

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Satisfied clients first

What they’ve said about Mynd:

We were impressed by the flexibility and effectivity. All feedback and changes were immediately implemented and the outcome was just as expected. Very professional, but friendly staff. Can only recommend.

Veronika Hyblerová

Škoda Auto

Working with Mynd was an excellent experience from beginning to end. Project Management was great, and the creative execution perfect. Mynd was able to integrate all required changes in no time and even managed to integrate elements of our branding world in the video. The staff was friendly at all times! Highly recommended! Looking forward to future projects!

Christine K.


Working with Mynd was completely seamless. Their effort to understand the required text of the video spared us so much work finding our own solution. They are easily our first choice for our next project.

Daniel Kulíšek

Mondi Group

Our Mynd collaboration was excellent. We were incredibly pleased with the exceptionally well-handled project management and their accommodating approach and willingness to understand our needs. We highly recommend them.

Zuzana Zumríková

Vaillant Group Slovakia

I am very satisfied with our first video collaboration with Mynd. From first contact to the incredible result, everything went smoothly, and we always eagerly anticipated their surprises. We’ll definitely work with them again!

Tomáš Kurtha


The collaboration with Mynd went very positively. Our expectations were high... and I must say, they’ve been completely fulfilled. While we weren’t in a hurry with the video production, communication was incredibly prompt and kind. And the videos they made for us... they’re absolutely top-notch!

Radovan Pavlík

RADO Real Estate Group

Professional cooperation, a creative approach and an effective use of modern technologies. Very satisfied.

Zuzana Zlámalová


Our Mynd collaboration was highly professional. Their approach was adaptable and pragmatic, and I appreciate how they incorporated my own ideas that helped achieve the desired effect. They were very flexible time-wise, with a no-hassle workflow and approach to the project, always meeting each deadline. I definitely recommend them if you need to create a professional video.

Peter Polakovič


Need a quote?

Reach out via the contact form, email, or simply call us. After a short consultation, we’ll prepare a quotation tailored specifically to your needs and marketing goals.

Peter Kajan Video Expert
Video Expert