Hello There!

We Are Mynd,
and We’re Excited You’re Here!

We are a creative family from different parts of the world who have devoted themselves
to creating beautiful things. Scroll down and explore our creative world and values.
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See through our Mynd’s eye

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Our team

Our team

Mynd is so much more than a company. We are a family of innovative people who devote ourselves wholeheartedly to creating videos. It’s simply what we love and are compelled to do.

Did you know?

Mynd is Icelandic for both "picture“ and "imagination“ ?

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Our Vision

Being the #1 choice for creative video & digital communication.

We strive to be so much more than just another studio making creative videos. Our vision is to exceed our customers’ expectations in every regard, so that when they need a novel video or engaging e-learning, we’re at the top of their list.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to be myndblowing.

Beautiful things don’t come easily. Hard work, constructive criticism and sometimes unexpectedly brilliant ideas are needed every step of the way. Dozens of talented people are working hard to get you to say, “Wow!” at the end. That’s our mission above all else.

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Our Values

That we live and work by 😊

Enthusiasm - We ♡ what we do.
Goal Orientation
- We help to succeed.
- We are proud of our work.
- We explore new ways.
Feel Good
- We care.

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We are always looking for new talents!

Are you looking for a creative job?
Check our open positions 😎

Voice Actor / Narrator

  • Freelance
  • Based on project
  • Own Studio - Distant Job