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Mynd Graphy Explainer Video 
 Your complex topic becomes clear and aesthetically perfect.

Graphy, a futuristic video style, adapts to any idea you might have.
Graphy explains, inspires, and only exists at Mynd.

  This is our Graphy video style
Startups, medium-sized businesses, and global corporations:
We have already helped more than 4,500 companies communicate successfully with explainer videos.
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What is

Inspired by the classic infographic, Graphy is an animated video style exclusively available by Mynd. Graphy portrays complex content and information in a clear, efficient, and visually-pleasing way, bringing clarity and understanding. Need something like this? Let's talk about it »

Graphy Explainer Videos are
best-suited for these purposes.

Our Graphy video style explains complex connections through modern and clean infographics, individual colors and, if desired, even real pictures.


Convince customers and business partners with vivid imagery and facts through a Graphy video.

Online Marketing

Use Graphy explainer videos to illustrate content on your website for more conversions & better SEO performance.

Social Media

Quickly & efficiently relay information in an innovative, vivid way to inspire your followers.

Internal communication

Explain modern and intelligent internal processes or guidelines to your employees with a Graphy video.


Present your complex topic in a simple way, and ensure complete client comprehension.


Impress with your informative Graphy Explainer Video at trade fairs, workshops, and company events.

Mynd Graphy Explainer Videos are suitable for multiple additional applications.
Seek advice on how and where to display your Graphy video now »

This is what your Graphy
can look like.

animation graphy explainer video beyond eve
Beyond Eve
animation graphy exlainer video g+d advance52
G+D advance52
animation graphy explainer video novum
animation graphy explainer video helmholtz

The Graphy video style is versatile. Looking for more inspiration? Check out more examples and styles »

So, how does it work?

From concept to final product, we provide a collaboration you’ll love.



Tell us what you wish to articulate and who you wish to persuade. Our experts will advise you on the optimal concept and implementation of your Graphy explainer video, free of charge. Inspirational.



Sit back and allow our experts to get the job done. We simplify your topic and transform it into a clever video concept that meets your goals and perfectly suits your audience.


Graphy explainer video.

Each Graphy video is individually designed, animated, and paired with a suitable voice over. Your video will include an individualized music composition that is sure to impress you and your clients.

Ready? Here's the first step.


A Mynd Graphy Explainer Video costs
an average of $3.990.

Our price includes everything from concept, script, and animation to voiceover and music, with unlimited feedback within each phase of production. That means 100% planning security.

When comparing video providers, you’ll notice that explainer video prices vary widely. At Mynd, we only create the highest quality videos that properly represent our brand. Every video we create achieves real goals through its flawless concept and design, providing you with less work and a better final product. Take your time, compare vendors, and opt for the collaboration that feels right.

Production time.

Our production time, from initial consultation to finished video, averages between three-to-four weeks. We also offer  expedited services for urgent requests.

Production times may vary, for example due to the speed of customer responses.

At the start of each collaboration, we create a detailed schedule of steps with a  fixed deadline that you can count on.

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Ready to give Mynd a try?

With Mynd Discovery we provide a consultation and begin creating a personalized video concept without requiring you to even place an order.
Risk-free and so eye-opening.

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Customers love Mynd.
99% of our clients recommend our services.

Excelent Batch Proven Expert
Outstandingly structured project management. 100% reliable delivery / adherence to delivery dates. Constructive cooperation with the customer, even in the event of unforeseen "grinding". Always friendly and pleasant. Strong in understanding even complex issues and preparing them in an understandable way.

Florian K.

A dream of service! Even the briefing and quotation phase is absolutely uncomplicated and transparent. The contact is friendly and cooperative; there are fixed contact persons who show maximum helpfulness. The implementation takes place with routine and expertise. The result is absolutely convincing and technically top!

Sarah S.
milon industries

Very competent approach at every stage! Great new ideas were born and although there were some challenges, our film became perfect. During the presentation of the finished piece at our conference there was a standing ovation for this film. With Mynd we work again anytime and very gladly! A great and professional company!

Zorica E.

“The collaborative spirit enabled the timely production of our video which fully met our expectations.”

European Central Bank

Mynd's consultants were always very friendly, competent and quick to implement. Due to an upcoming trade fair, we had a lot of time pressure. Thanks to the good coordination, we were able to meet the deadline. We also responded quickly to requests for changes at short notice. The result was impressive.

Oliver H.

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Who creates your 
Graphy Explainer Video?

Mynd is one of the leading video companies.




Videos produced


Locations worldwide

All at a glance.

The Graphy Explainer Video summarized.


The Graphy is an animated video style, developed exclusively by Mynd, inspired by the classic infographic. It illustrates complex facts and connections in an understandable and particularly efficient, and visually-appealing way.

Video style.

Our Graphy video style embodies innovation: clean elements, individual colors, creative animations, and outstanding music compositions. It illustrates your complex theme, presenting it in a minimalistic, sleek, and modern way. If preferred, we will integrate custom colors of your CI or even real images.

Areas of application.

Mynd Graphy Explainer Videos are very popular in B2B and B2C, internal and external communication. Graphy explainer videos are especially effective in the expansion of business relationships or the presentation of product details and project ideas. You can persuade and impress with the Mynd Graphy Explainer Video.


Depending on the length and scope of the project, a Mynd Graphy explainer video starts at $3.990 for a one-minute video. All prices include every phase of the production process, including unlimited revisions.

Production time.

Our production time for a Mynd Graphy video, from initial consultation to finished video, averages between three-to-four weeks. We also offer expedited services for urgent requests. At the start of each collaboration, we create a detailed schedule of steps with a fixed deadline that you can count on.


Mynd Graphy explainer videos are unique. Our quality shows in our storytelling and design. We believe that our exceptional quality is necessary in achieving the goal of acquiring new customers. An innovative approach is available with Mynd Discovery.