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Mynd Whiteboard Explainer Video 
Smart animation for
stand-out moments.

A Whiteboard-style video helps clearly explain any complex topic, product, or service, effectively persuading viewers in the process.

   Here is our Whiteboard video style
Startups, medium-sized businesses, and global corporations. 
We have already helped more than 4,500 companies communicate successfully with explainer videos. 
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What is the Whiteboard style?

Whiteboard, or the Cut-Out-Style, is a classic animated explainer video style. With black white illustrated characters, matching graphics, and colored accents, complex topics are presented and explained vividly. Is this exactly what you had in mind? Let's talk about it »

When are Whiteboard Explainer Videos the optimal choice?

We've perfected the classic – the Mynd Whiteboard video style
is unique, vivid and versatile.


Clearly demonstrating your product or service through your Whiteboard video will result in increased sales.

Online Marketing

Integration of video increases website conversions and improves SEO performance.

Social Media

Videos boost follower engagement. Take advantage of increased reach from video sharing.

Internal Communication

Help your employees fully comprehend and implement internal topics and changes with a Whiteboard video.


Continue employee education in an engaging and effective manner through use of video.


Communicate in a modern and cutting-edge manner at fairs, events, and workshops.

Mynd Whiteboard Explainer Videos are suitable for multiple additional applications.
Seek advice on how and where to display your Whiteboard video now »

Best Practice

Panama Papers.

Vladimir Putin & Sergei Roldugin: a mutually beneficial friendship politically, and privately. What does this have to do with the Panama Papers? We will explain in our Whiteboard video.

animation whiteboard explainer video panama papers
Best Practice


If you choose wisely and connect properly, you will enjoy your bike for a long time. ABUS shows you what to consider when buying a bicycle lock with a Mynd Whiteboard Explainer Video.

animation whiteboard explainer video abus

So, how does it work?

From concept to final product, we provide a collaboration you’ll love.



Share your vision, what you want to articulate, and who you want to reach with your video. Our experts will offer advice regarding concept and implementation, free of charge.



Sit back and let our experts get the job done! We develop a clever video concept that matches your topic through a clear and coherent story that will entice and convert your viewers.


Whiteboard explainer video.

Custom illustrated and animated, set to personalized music, and completed with intelligent sound design. The result? A perfect video for your goal and audience.

Ready? Here's the first step.


A Mynd Whiteboard Explainer Video price starts 
from $2.990

Our price includes everything from concept, script, and animation to voiceover and music, with unlimited feedback within each phase of production. That means 100% planning security.

When comparing video providers, you’ll notice that Explainer Video prices vary widely. At Mynd, we only create the highest quality videos that properly represent our brand. Every video we create achieves real goals through its flawless concept and design, providing you with less work and a better final product. Take your time, compare vendors, and opt for the collaboration that feels right.

Production time.

Our production time, from initial consultation to finished video, averages between three-to-four weeks. We also offer  expedited services for urgent requests.

Production times may vary, for example due to the speed of customer responses.

At the start of each collaboration, we create a detailed schedule of steps with a  fixed deadline that you can count on.

Talk to a video expert

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Ready to give Mynd a try?

With Mynd Discovery we provide a consultation and begin creating a personalized video concept without requiring you to even place an order.
Risk-free and so eye-opening.

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Talk with us

Happy people!

Customers love Mynd.
99% of our clients recommend our services.

Excelent Batch Proven Expert
“We are very enthusiastic about the very professional and pleasant cooperation with Mynd. All deadlines were met, all our wishes and ideas were met and we were always very well looked after and advised. From our point of view, Mynd is an absolute top service provider that can only be recommended with a clear conscience.”

Jennifer K.
Axxion S.

“Working with Mynd was an excellent experience from beginning to end. Project Management was great, and the creative execution perfect. Mynd was able to integrate all required changes in no time and even managed to integrate elements of our branding world in the video.”

Christine K.

“We were particularly impressed by the design of the story. Although we only gave a brief overview of our wishes, we immediately liked the story. The subsequent requests for changes were also implemented promptly.”

Smart Profit Solutions 

“Very good and conscientious care and a very nice result!”

Christian S.

“The collaborative spirit enabled the timely production of our video which fully met our expectations.”

European Central Bank

mynd videoproduktion creation


Who creates your 
Whiteboard Explainer Video?

Mynd is one of the leading video companies.




Videos produced


Locations worldwide

All at a glance.

The Mynd Whiteboard Explainer Video summarized.


The classic among the animated Explainer Videos, the Whiteboard is a video style with black and white illustrations and graphics on a flat background. It explains complex topics vividly and comprehensively, thus encouraging action.

Video style.

The Mynd Whiteboard video style combines high-quality animated laying tricks (with or without hand), likeable characters, clever graphics, and matching color accents that align with your corporate identity: intelligent and to the point. This Whiteboard style is available exclusively at Mynd.

Areas of application.

Whiteboard explainer videos are highly effective in B2B and B2C, internal and external communication, in marketing (such as on landing pages or in social media), in sales, or in internal communication. Animated explainer films are becoming increasingly popular among companies for their marketing and internal communication needs.


Depending on the length and scope of the project, a Mynd Whiteboard Explainer Video starts at $2,990 for a one-minute video. All prices include every phase of the production process, including unlimited revisions.

Production time.

Our production time for a Mynd Whiteboard video, from initial consultation to finished video, averages between three-to-four weeks. We also offer expedited services for urgent requests. At the start of each collaboration, we create a detailed schedule of steps with a fixed deadline that you can count on.


Mynd Whiteboard Explainer Videos are unique. Our quality shows in our storytelling and design. We believe that our exceptional quality is necessary in achieving the goal of acquiring new customers. An innovative approach is available with Mynd Discovery.